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I suppose that since I already have the Octarems, I have to decide if there is anything out there that would outperform them and how much they'd cost. Do I want to spend a fortune on some gear where I may see relatively little improvement? I'm not really planning on selling either of these bins. The Yashicas aren't bad and the Swift Belmonts are portable, affordable and, if I was needing something compact (like travelling light with a budget airline that allows you only 10kg cabin luggage), I'd perhaps take them or the Optomax 8x30 though the Olympus (I found them yesterday, they're marked "7x21 PC") are excellent, as I said earlier, better than my Nikon 7x21 but I presume 8x40s would have better light gathering towards dusk.
A tip for anyone who DOES want to travel light with budget airlines: Get a smartphone that will communicate with a Freedom Keyboard. They're bluetooth, fold out keyboards that weigh next to nothing and can go in a pocket. Your phone works as a phone as normal but IF you need to type quite a bit for some reason while you're away ... emails, facebook etc., you can easily. Your notebook can be left at home. I don't even bother taking my netbook on some trips.
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