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Thanks for all that input which was leading me to a tentative conclusion until I started to check Ridgely's "Birds of Ecuador" Volume 1 (on taxonomy, etc.)

Here he mentions 2 races for Ruddy Pigeon: ogilviegranti and berlepschi.

For Plumbeous Pigeon he mentions 3 races in Ecuador: chapmani, pallescens and bogotensis. But bogotensis is a sub-species of Ruddy not of Plumbeous according to my references.

Checking all this with John Penhallurick's Bird Data Project at I find no mention of bogotensis under Plumbeous and furthermore the fact that ogilviegranti is a synonym for bogotensis.

I also wonder if the pallescens sub-species occurs in Ecuador since all other references seem to restrict this race to "southern tributaries of the Amazon from river Purus (which is at least 1000km east of Ecuador) to Para"

Which leads me to wonder how reliable Ridgely's "Birds of Ecuador" is with regard to these 2 species.

Googling "Columba plumbea bogotensis", the only hit is a Field Guides Trip List for Ecuador in 2003, presumably using Ridgely as its source.

I am confused.
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