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A comment and a request...

Originally Posted by Rasmus Boegh
So, if you see an individual with a strikingly pale eye, you can call it a Plumbeous. If the eye is reddish-brown, then we are probably looking at a Ruddy - the problem being that at least a few Plumbeous (juv?) apparently have dark eyes, too.
As mentioned previously, there is no doubt that Plumbeous can have dark eyes. I saw a single individual with brown eyes (ID'ed via voice) in Venezuela - an area where all other Plumbeous I saw had pale eyes. All Plumbeous I have seen in Ecuador (both sides of the Andes), Peru, Bolivia & Brazil have also been pale-eyed. So, no doubt that they usually have pale eyes (at least in the localities I have been to). Having said that, I don't think anyone disputed that they can have darker eyes (as also mentioned in Birds of Venezuela and Birds of Peru). Therefore, I don't think this is a "direct ID". Rather, an ID via elimination. Personally, I have doubt the birds are Plumbeous, quite simply because I have been unable to find any indications supporting that this strikingly pale eye-colour ever occur in Ruddy. Hence, I believe Ruddy can be eliminated as a possibility, leaving Plumbeous. This would have been much more complicated if the bird had been dark-eyed, but luckily it is not...

The request: If anybody can point in the direction of anything saying that Ruddy ever have pale eyes, I'd be very pleased to see it...

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