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When I started I went on a few group bird walks where at 45 I was the youngest person there. I was also likely the only one who had the Ramones cranked on the car stereo on the way to the walk.

I've decided I like my birding to be a soliarty experience or one that I share with my wife. Nothing against the older folks at all. I just prefer to be alone.

So you don't have to bird with anyone.

And birding is only work if you make it work. When I'm feeling extra lazy I will sometimes just drive to a park and watch the lake from the comfort of my car. Amazing what you will see sometimes just sitting there for an hour. If you go on a walk though with the negative attitude that you probably won't see anything then maybe birding isn't for you. Part of the appeal for me is never knowing what or if I will see a thing.
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