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Originally Posted by Offord
I find it pays not to be too pedantic,
I agree, I have no objection to anyone using a term that has come into common usage whether it has a scientific definition or not. I was once pulled up for this in the office and if everyone knows what is meant by a partial albino as opposed to a leucistic bird then I am happy with that. The reference in print I found was in Liz Laidler's book on otters and I wondered if anyone had come across any other examples in print. As you rightly say, some of the effects of leucism are not always genetic so it has a bit of a vague definition (it seems). I have taken to using the equally inaccurate term of "genetic bird" when it involves plumage differences from the norm. It is an artifical term but it allows me to talk about 'farmyard specials' as well as natural varieties.

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