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I was out on the marsh edge this morning on the N coast and the area was alive with winter thrushes , robins and so on. But many were in a pretty poor way and seemed unable to get a fix on which direction land lay. the big gulls were having a field day. I hope this fog lifts soon or there coulf be a major mortality. Huge numbers of wigeon about too plus surprisingly quite a few gannets.

But if anyone is thinking about venturing out I would not advise it. I lost my way 3 times in the fog for a short period I and I know the way out like the back of my hand having tracked out there for the past 40 years. Unlike 3 birdwatchers who where blundering about the sands badly disturbing the wildfowl and waders. When I finaly aproached them they said they were heading for the hills , but where I found them they were about 2 miles away and walking in the wrong direction!!! They refused an offer to guide them back to dry land at the greens and set off for the hills again , but from the sounds of lifting brents in the distance as they went were soon walking the wrong way again - out to sea. Fortunetly the tide is a very small one and the worst problem they should have is a bit of a wetting.
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