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Sorry Mike but I've been off-line for a while.

As crispycreme suggested I looked up the National Geographic Guide which says for Summer Tanager: "Adult male is rosy red year-round. First-spring males are patchy green-and-red; full adult plumage is acquired by second fall."
For Scarlet Tanager it says the male "molts to yellow-green winter plumage"

With regard to distribution Garrido & Kirkonnell in "Birds of Cuba" say for Summer Tanager:"Rare winter resident in Cuba...(1 Sep - 28 Apr)" and for Scarlet Tanager:"Rare transient in Cuba, more common in fall than in spring (21 Sep - 6 Nov; 16 Feb - 18 Apr)" This photo was taken on 14 Feb. The only other Piranga tanager for Cuba is one unconfirmed record of Western Tanager.

My initial thought was female Summer Tanager but the bird was singing. It's not a non-breeding male nor, apparently, an immature male and a returning Scarlet Tanager would be very unusual at that time of year.

So despite everyone's help, for which much thanks, I don't think we have a definite id.
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