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Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

Just to make it clear, I am not an expert birder, just a newly retired engineer who needed something to keep the brain cells active and to motivate me to get out and get physical exercise within the limits of my arthritis.

Through circumstance and complication, we have established ourselves in Panjin where most of my wifeís family is now located. At first, being retired and lacking the kind of activities that would be readily available in America to occupy me, it was proving difficult. Then one day around this Chinese New Year, while playing with an old DSLR, I saw my first Hoopoe and without thinking swung the camera up and snapped a picture. Then I discovered that I liked the challenge of finding different birds and managing to get a good enough picture to aid in verifying identification.

My personality and training is such that I canít be happy with just snapping pictures though, I had to plow into the challenge of learning what I can about birds, wildlife in general and the environment in at least my part of China. As it turns out, Panjin should be a location for a good diversity, but is not well reported on, which just makes me more enthusiastic about being able to do something that could actually be useful. At first I was not very successful, but as I learn more about the area and as the weather improves, things are steadily improving.

I have just today enrolled in Cornellís on-line course in identifying water birds since although somewhat familiar with the Passerines in America at least, I know almost nothing about the non-Passerines. Also, I have Brazilís ďBirds of East AsiaĒ already ordered and on the way. I have also inquired about Cornellís 2016 workshop in making and organizing video records or birds. In the meantime, I welcome an help or corrections from other members.

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