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Originally Posted by Terry Townshend View Post
Hi Owen,
Well done on setting up a new thread - Panjin is poorly reported on, so it will be very interesting to hear about what you see! The lake you visited sounds like an excellent patch.
Black Scoters are very rare in China, so I suspect what you saw (in your first and second photos) is the Common Coot. They are like black ducks with a white bill and frontal shield. I imagine that many will be passing through right now and some will stay to breed.
Good luck!
I just found the Oriental Bird Club's image's site this morning and it will be a big help! Looking there, I think you are correct, Terry. If I had seen one out of the water and especially if I had been able to make out the feet I would have figured it out. More of a chicken like body ;-)

One thing I need is a good checklist for NE China so I can narrow my choices better. The list I looked at had the Black Scoter listed but not the Common Coot. Does anybody have a source for a good list?

When I first looked out over the lake, being from America and not being really familiar with water birds, I immediately identified the Pochards as being Canvasbacks. At least I figured that one out.

Everyone keep letting me know if you have a different opinion. Our own version of peer review. I chose the BirdForum largely because conversations are kept on a friendly and supportive level.

Welcome to the group Gushawk. Feel free to speak up here.

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