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The smoke from all the agricultural burning has kept me close to home the last few days. About 200 meters visibility much of the time, with even much less for clear enough to make an ID or photo. Everything just looks grey. Even at less than 50 meters you had difficulty making out the Azure-winged Magpie's blue. We had planned to make a trip back to Gedalou Reservoir at Dawa to look for water birds but conditions caused cancellation. Cold and windy today. Hopeful for tomorrow though. The ice is finally gone on the ponds and lakes so may go back to have another try at one of the river estuaries.

I did make two short trips to the nearby city parks.


(6) Tarsiger cyanurus - Orange-flanked Bush Robin (Red-flanked Bluetail) All males apparently trying to stake out territory but still grouped up close together. I believe the females were hiding out in the nearby brush.

(4) Periparus venustulus - Yellow-bellied Tit Hadn't seen them for awhile.

(8) Emberiza chrysophrys - Yellow-browed Bunting Another one that had stayed out of sight lately.

(15) Passer montanus - Eurasian Tree Sparrow Doing their usual squabbling talking.

APR-05 Same location

(9) Cyanopica cyana - Azure-winged Magpie

(1) Upupa epops - Hoopoe

(8) Tarsiger cyanurus - Red-flanked Bluetail (Orange-flanked Bush Robin) Two were females this time. They have started to spread out as they settle who's territory is what.

(2) Emberiza rustica - Rustic Bunting These little fellows only show up rarely and never seems to be at the same place twice.

(20) Passer montanus - Eurasian Tree Sparrow I had two males in their typical mid-air fight so focused on each other that they almost ran right into me at high speed!

At least I did get some good pictures showing more promise of spring arriving here.
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