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Thanks Tom. I was correct in identifying it as a White Wagtail then. Now that I know what to search for I can find at least one picture on Flicker that is almost a perfect match and with a lot of discussion in a group where they settle on Motacilla alba leucopsis. Avibase sites Clements 2012 and lists it as a separate species of Motacilla leucopsis - Amur Wagtail. As you can see here: it is a debated topic with quite a number of alternative arraignments suggested. Interestingly enough, the printed checklist that I keep is from Avibase-Bird Checklists of the World customized for Liaoning, but it doesn't include their own Amur Wagtail. In short, I am not the only person not sure where to put this. Executive decision: Amur Wagtail it is.

The Goldcrest was an accidental find as I was trying (unsuccessfully) to catch the Treecreeper. I have found buntings that I did not notice visually sometimes as I will often snap a photo of a flock of sparrows and review it later to see if anybody else was tagging along unnoticed.

I would not have gotten the Pallas's Leaf Warbler as it never sat still long enough to get a good look. Now that I look it up, a definite match.

We are off to look for water birds in a few moments - wish me luck!
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