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Jiménez & Ornelas 2016. Historical and current introgression in a Mesoamerican hummingbird species complex: a biogeographic perspective. PeerJ 4: e1556. [article & pdf]
Our results ... confirm that Central American A. saucerottei hoffmanni and A. saucerottei subspecies from South America (warscewiczi, saucerottei, braccata) are two different taxa with considerable genetic divergence. Thus, our results and those of McGuire et al. (2014) suggest that they belong to different groups of Amazilia species, and support the proposal of Stiles & Skutch (1989) that the Central American A. saucerottei hoffmanni is a different species (A. sophiae) based on notorious behavioural and vocal differences.
  • Blue-vented Hummingbird - Amazilia (saucerottei) hoffmanni
HBW Alive:
Remarkably isolated race hoffmanni sometimes considered to represent a distinct species on basis of behaviour and voice, in addition to distribution; this taxon formerly listed as Saucerottia sophiae.

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