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I received my copy last week and am very happy with it. Impressive piece of work and great job by all concerned.
In looking through it, I did notice a few minor errors/omissions mostly relating to Ireland, which could be corrected in a further edition:

p.85 Double-crested Cormorant
The Irish record is not mentioned, unlike other entries where a single Irish record exist e.g. Sandhill Crane.
It is however listed in the checklist as being on Cat. A of Irish List on p.529.

p.324 and p.534
American Kestrel is listed on both pages as having a record for Ireland, although it has never been recorded in Ireland.

p.398 Rufous Bush Chat and White-throated Robin
Number of records and occurrence months seems to have been swapped between the two. Surely it should read:

Rufous Scrub Robin: <15 records(<5 Ireland), Aug-Oct.
White-throated Robin: <5 records (Britain), May-June.
and not the reverse...
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