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New Zeiss Conquest HD 10X42 $669.99 Net

Here is a great deal on a new Zeiss Conquest HD 10X42 from Optics Planet.

The Conquest HD is currently selling for $999.99 at Eagle Optic, B & H Photo and other Zeiss dealers.

Sale Price this morning at Optics Planet for the Zeiss Conquest HD 10X42 is $799.99

Ten percent off coupon for $80 at time of checkout is TAKE10.

Zeiss Field Days VISA Prepaid card rebate is $50. This ends TOMORROW, Nov. 19th, 2016.
Per a call to Zeiss this morning, Optics Planet is a valid dealer.



$799.99 sales price less the 10% coupon of $80 give $719.99 purchase price less $50 Zeiss Visa Prepaid card rebate nets to $669.99 final cost. Free shipping is offered.

The Zeiss Conquest HD line is in my opinion near alpha quality. Other popular binoculars in the normal price range are the Leica Trinovid and the Vortex Razor. For my preferences, the Conquest is the better binocular compared to the Trinovid. I haven't had enough experience with the Razor to have a strong opinion but my initial impression is it is not better optically, but does have an exceptional wide FOV. The Razor sells for $1,200. One other I would consider (but have not seen) is the new Tract Toric at $664 (no case), but they are out of stock until at least March of next year. A quality binocular such as the Zeiss Conquest 10X42 for $669.99 is an exceptional deal.

Most of the comments on the forum say the Conquest line has excellent optics and they seem to be very well built. The biggest complaint has been about the eye cups, which some have said were a little short in relation to the eye relief. This is mainly mentioned in relation to the 8X42. Zeiss offers a free replacement eye cup that is slightly longer for those that desire it.

Zeiss USA

Scroll down to the fourth binocular for details on the 10X42.
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