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Originally Posted by james holdsworth View Post
Is the dioptre ring plastic? The original Legends / Legend HD's were terribly flawed by this weakness, along with an assortment of other QA / build quality problems.
Sorry James I can't answer this as I packed both bins up yesterday for return to the supplier. In any case it can be hard to distinguish metal from plastic unless you heat a needle to see if it will 'melt' its way in, and one wouldn't do this to a review unit. I had a look at my Conquest HD to check whether the ring is plastic but it is impossible to tell since it is covered with rubber to aid grip.

The only thing I can say about the Legend's dioptre ring is that it didn't feel at all flexible or flimsy when I was pushing it up to unlock it, so perhaps they have learned from previous mistakes and used different materials (plastics or metals) or a different design, or both.

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