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10X42 Legend M

Originally Posted by james holdsworth View Post
Is the dioptre ring plastic? The original Legends / Legend HD's were terribly flawed by this weakness, along with an assortment of other QA / build quality problems.
When I first saw this model in a store shortly after it came out I thought the diopter ring could possibly be plastic. My faded memory is that it had somewhat of a shine to it and it had crooked alignment in relation to the barrel.

Now having recently acquired a Legend M 10X42 and examining it closely, the ring appears to be a cast metal with a non gloss roughed finish. It is not plastic. There are no alignment issues. I do not see it cracking like the plastic rings on the previous model. It looks like Bushnell addressed the issue with the new M series.

I am not sensitive to CA so I am not the best judge of this but it does appear to handle CA exceptionally well. Some of the lower priced models are not the best when it comes to CA so shoppers sensitive to CA should give this model consideration.

Build quality appears to be very good. There is no free play in the focus on my unit and the mechanism is smooth through the range. Tenison leans to the stiff side but I can easily turn the knob with one finger tip. Hinge tension is just right. The eye cups extend smoothly although there is only one intermediate position and the intermediate position is not a very firm lock. It is better at full extension and I do not anticipate it being an issue.

Overall it is a very good binocular. Most impressive is the near neutral color balance and good mechanics not normally found in this price class. It offers a very wide and bright FOV. Two things that may show the price level are a little more pin cushioning and a somewhat smaller center view than the much more expensive models. Pin cushion does not bother me out in the field and the center view is more than large enough for my primary area of vision. It is a model I can use all day and be satisfied. It is a an excellent choice for someone looking for a quality binocular at an entry price. It should be considered by anyone looking for the class made up of the Zeiss Terra, GPO ED, Vanguard Endeavor and some others. It should rate near or at the top if the larger size is not an issue.

Bushnell YouTube video of the 8X42 Legend M ......

Amazon price as of the time of this posting is $269.18.
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