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Thanks Lee. Actually the price may turn out to be better than I thought when I bought it as the Deal of the Day from Amazon for $164.99 I subsequently came across a $35 rebate on the Legend M. What is interesting is Bushnell does not have it set up in their online system for promotions and it was a surprise to the rep when I had him look the form up online. Bushnell advised me to just mail it in so we shall see what happens. If anyone is interested in trying for the $35 rebate, the form can be found on the Legend M product pages at the B & H Photo and Optic Planet web pages. Purchase deadline is the end of Sept. 2017.

If the rebate comes through, my final cost will be $129.99. That probably has to score as my best value buy for performance to cost ratio. I think it is still an excellent buy at the current $270 Amazon price and there is still a possible $35 rebate. Optics Planet will probably match the Amazon price and not charge sales tax. They will probably also get it out the door faster if you are not a Prime customer.

I had concerns when it went on Amazon as a Deal of the Day that the model was being closed out but the Bushnell rep told be it has been a good seller and it is an active model with no indication to him that it is being discontinued.
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