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Originally Posted by wdc View Post
Bruce and Lee, Thanks for posting your remarks on the Legend M series. I've been studying it a bit, by reading the different reviews, here and elsewhere, and one thing that has popped up is that the eye relief specs for the 8x42 and 10x42 don't seem to be what some have made them out to be. The 8x42, on the Bushnell website lists 18mm, and the 10x42 has 15mm, yet some have said (including allbinos for the 10 x 42) that the eye relief for both is 22mm!
Has anyone tried these while wearing glasses?

I tested the M 8x42 wearing spectacles and found it just fine but faces and spectacles are so variable that this is something you need to check out for yourself. We all think brands should be able to come up with an eye relief and eyecup design that will be OK for every person on earth but this is impossible.

The ER specs question is interesting. I got the 22mm figure I quote in the review off the Bushnell website but I have now checked it and it states 18mm. Does this correct an earlier clerical error or have more recent units had revised optics? I don't know, but I am making enquiries to find out.

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