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Hello Bill,

I also saw the B & H review on the 15.2 vs the 22 mm eye relief. My take is Bushnell made an error in publishing the original specs so that put them right up there with Leica and makes my Legend M an alpha!

Bushnell now shows the 15 mm on the Legend M 10X42 web page and the specs printed on the box says 15.2. I believe the approximate 15 mm spec to be correct. I have briefly used them with glasses and I can see the whole field of view but there is not much extra room to play with. Some seller websites show the 22 mm figure but I suspect that is a carryover of the original error. An archived web page of the Zen-Ray 10X43 ED3 shows the same 15.2 mm eye relief.

On an unrelated side note, the Bushnell web site lists the Legend M under the hunting products tab but not under the Wildlife tab. How crazy is that. The Legend M has a large 340 ft FOV which is great for birding. I just can not help but wonder what takes place in some of these decisions.

I did see that rebate form, but unfortunately for me, it looks to only be good for purchases in Canada. Thanks for listing the link as it may help some of our Canda members if they buy one.
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