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Originally Posted by Chosun Juan View Post
Yes there is a tiny bit of backlash in the focus mechanism, but less than in my Zen ED3. The Bushie's focus wheel is a bit smaller, and not metal, sorry - I didn't pay attention to the number of turns required. The focus feel is not Nikon or Zeiss light, but I didn't think it was in any way stiff in the 17C temperatures I tried them in. The focus on my Swift Audubon - now that rated as stiff.

NB. There will be some unit to unit variability at this price point in all properties. I think my Zen has upper limit worst backlash, but the focus tension is quite light.

As Chuck mentioned - even cheaper from Rodger's ...... $199.99

Originally Posted by PhilR. View Post
The one that I used had a tremendous amount of slop in the focus wheel. So much so that I immediately sent it back. Therefore, I wouldn't exactly call it a rumor, as others have seen this issue too.
Well that rules me out of purchasing that binocular FOREVER.

That "auction site" has it for like $169.95, still from Rogers.
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