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Originally Posted by Jim M. View Post
An even closer analogy at this point would be it's a panasonic version of the Oly EM-1 mk. ii, but will team with the PL 100-400 for dual IS. Shares the Oly's focus on speed, photo shooting, dual card slots, IS, electronic shutter, weather resistance, etc. and at a similar price point. It's also 3 oz. heavier than the Oly (and heavier than the G80/85), which was already the heaviest Oly in recent times, I believe. But will need to see reviews and images later on before I form an opinion on how closely it compares to the oly in actual use. Also, the weight difference, while not large, is significant for me. I think the M4/3 bodies are pressing the envelope in terms of weight for a system for which portability is supposed to be one of the main attractions.
There is a lot in what you say regarding weight but still someway to go before a golf trolley or a sherpa is an essential part of the equipment. On another note, I find IQ with the G80/PL100-400 with X2 digital zoom equal to if not better than the E-M1ii/300 f4 PRO with 1.4 TC.
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