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Bushnell Legend M 8X42

Originally Posted by chill6x6 View Post
If y'all think THAT'S a good price... go to "that auction site" and search for
bushnell 8x42 legend m-series. Same binocular?

I've been "watching" it for months. I've thought about it for quite a while. I just don't NEED another binocular! SERIOUSLY this time!

Y'all have at it! Rogers Sporting Goods have been a good dealer for me. You can thank me later!
Darn you Chuck! LOL Looks like I am not cured of the sickness Phil R. commented on. I am in for one 8X42 Legend M from Rogers eBay listing now at $161.99.

I bought the 10X42 M during the Amazon 1 day sale a couple of months ago and it is a very nice model. Mine has near zero free play in the focus mechanism. I say near zero because only after careful checking I notice less than one degree of softer movement when first rotating. Even then, I do detect some focus change. Focus tension is equal in each direction and extremely smooth. Unlike CJ, I prefer the surface of the focus knob of the M over my ED3s. I have absolutely zero issues with the focus of my Legend M 10X. Being a China bin, there is always the chance that there is a lot a variation between units. We shall see how the 8X works out. How it will hold up over the long run is anyone's guess but the 10X is great right now and it is covered by Bushnell' lifetime warranty. It is not quite a Nikon EDG focus but it is much closer than most.

My primary reason for buying the 10X was the flat transmission curve. I like to use it as a reference in doing comparisons. It is probably the most color neutral binocular I have. I took it out this morning to look at some Mourning Doves in the back. It is really nice to see them up close as they are supposed to look. Hopefully the 8X will has a like curve. This line does show a little more pin cushion than a more expensive model and although the center view is more than adequate, is not exceptional as some of the considerably more expensive models. Mine is one of the best entry level quality binoculars I have come across. The under $200 price makes it a top choice assuming Bushnell has consistent quality.

Check out the thread by Lee for some good info on the Legend M.

Here is the Allbinos review of the 10X42 with the transmission graph ......

Chuck, if you feel like taking a China gamble, go for it. If you get a good one (and I think the odds are better as a Bushnell than say a Zen Ray), you will most likely find it superior to the Eagle Optics you bought recently. The $161 price is an incredible buy for what it provides, assuming consistent good quality.

Agree on Rogers. They provided great customer service to me a couple of years ago on a Zeiss UPS mangled shipment.
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