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Originally Posted by rka View Post
Was just about to do the same (G80) but holding off a bit since according to some initial info:

- Autofocus improved (lets see if the reviews confirm)
- USB Charging and Powering
- Big EVF

Is it worth another US$900? Maybe from my perspective if CAF+Tracking actually works.
That viewfinder looks pretty addictive. Don't try it..

Still no phase-detect, but a f2.8 lens will definitely help in AF-speed though.

I'm sure the 200/2.8 Leica will be a very sharp lens, but it's overpriced, here is another lighter 200/2.8 (APS-C) at a third of the price.

Or why not a Nikon 300/4 PF as comparison it's 450mm f5.6 eqv. on a D7500.

Would be very interesting to see a comparison between these systems and the picture quality in real life.

Maybe it's something I don't get here...

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