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Agree 200/2.8 Leica has a high price. However they have positioned the price between a regular 200mm/f2.8 ($1000) and a 300mm/f2.8 ($3000 - $8000) using the lower end of prime prices on BH Photo.

WISH they had PDAF. I’m waiting to see CAFTr test results with Pana 100-400mm to determine interest.

Yes, I do not want to look through that EVF as it may hypnotize me to buy, without confirming necessary performance criteria first.

Originally Posted by Vespobuteo View Post
That viewfinder looks pretty addictive. Don't try it..

Still no phase-detect, but a f2.8 lens will definitely help in AF-speed though.

I'm sure the 200/2.8 Leica will be a very sharp lens, but it's overpriced, here is another lighter 200/2.8 (APS-C) at a third of the price.

Or why hot a Nikon 300/4 PF as comparison it's 450mm f5.6 eqv. on a D7500.

Would be very interesting to see a comparison between these systems and the picture quality in real life.

Maybe it's something I don't get here...
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