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Originally Posted by BruceH View Post
Jan ...... Thanks for posting that, what an amazing difference in pricing.

If I understand, "ex VAT" means excluding the Value Added Tax of I assume to be 21%. That brings the out the door price up to 594 Euros or $692 USD to me if I were to buy it in Holland. I think that would take it off the Binocular Bargains list! C J said in another thread that the Legend M is going for $800 in Australia. Assuming that is $800 AUD, then that comes to $527 USD.

The $161.99 price on the Rogers eBay listing is a bargain especially compared to the overseas pricing. They were showing 76 sold when I ordered mine yesterday morning. As of late this morning, they show 83 sold and limited quantity available. History shows the first selling August 9th for $197.99, then the price dropping to $159.99 on August 25th. The price went up to the current $161.99 on Sept 13th.
Hi Bruce,

That's correct. I assumed the $161,00 price is /was without VAT so I did the same.
Taking into consideration that the import tax is 11% and with transportation this bin will cost me less than 200,00 to get it here, I wonder what Bushnell USA thinks about the added value of Bushnell Europe and/or Bushnell Holland reps.
The future will be direct sales channels.

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