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Originally Posted by BruceH View Post
Darn you Chuck! LOL Looks like I am not cured of the sickness Phil R. commented on. I am in for one 8X42 Legend M from Rogers eBay listing now at $161.99.
I have absolutely zero issues with the focus of my Legend M 10X. Being a China bin, there is always the chance that there is a lot a variation between units. We shall see how the 8X works out. How it will hold up over the long run is anyone's guess but the 10X is great right now and it is covered by Bushnell' lifetime warranty. It is not quite a Nikon EDG focus but it is much closer than most.
The $161 price is an incredible buy for what it provides, assuming consistent good quality.

Agree on Rogers. They provided great customer service to me a couple of years ago on a Zeiss UPS mangled shipment.
Bruce, your experience with the 10x42 gives me some hope, and the price is admittedly hard to beat. I ordered one. It'll be here next week. Hopefully it won't immediately self-destruct the way Dennis' Cabelas Euro just did. First issue will be the eye relief. I am also interested to learn whether a larger binocular with 18mm E.R. will show me a wide FOV more often than the smaller sized bins seem willing to do, regardless of eye relief. I don't mean objective size, I mean physical size, which may have a direct correlation to focal length and eye piece design. After that some field work to see how it holds up and feels to carry and use for a few hours.

As a footnote, a few weeks ago I was able to try out a Zeiss 8x42 SF in a store, and was able to see the entire FOV, with a sharp edge, so I know it is possible to get a wide fov, with eye relief that works for me.

Research continues...

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