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Again I've run out of edits. Nuttin' like bumpin me own thread, eh?

Now, the guy that answered the phone would not quote the number in stock, but said they would not sell out in a couple of weeks, claimed they bought all that was left/available & in the same breath proclaimed someone might call, that was scheduled perhaps for seven gun shows, buying the entire lot. 12:00 PM 11/22/2017

Anywho, I'm at the end of the line on information. Next week when the bin comes in I'll share what's gleaned. As it stands you know as much if not more than I.

ETA: The $35 off, which helps offset shipping, goes out the door at Midnight. Mine arrives Monday. Natchez has tried moving these before at $499 relying on the original back in the day price of over a grand I suppose. I've no clue of the current value. Being inquisitive I wanted one to check out, but also because apparently, at least for a while, this represents Weaver's last shot at a quality bin. I base that mostly on the msrp.
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