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A belated thanks to David and others. On the lack of videos of lens coating, yes, it is again David's Holmes to my Watson, a camera lens thrust in there will (without a special intervening glass) itself get a free coating!

Rogers is still selling the Legend-M 8x42 for $160. They stated: on November 9th: 83 sold, "Limited quantity available" (post #3288 in Bargains); today, December 2nd: 157 sold, "Limited quantity available"! OpticsPlanet: risen back to $340 but minus today's coupon code discount $306. At Adorama: $299. At B&H: still out of stock. What is happening!

In a few weeks I should be able, like Bruce, to compare this against a Zen-Ray ED3 8x42, and might post a writeup, though I always feel a bit of an impostor at this. An odd thing though: whether I do this will be subject to the ZR's sharpness, which I remember being not as expected, due I thought to a QC issue, and need to check again. (It was with me, was given it away to a friend, and will need to be borrowed for this.)

PS. Barry, this is bothering me no end, and Google is not helping me in this, what does your sign-off quote mean? Thanks!

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