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Originally Posted by JoyfulCreator View Post
I'm on a mission to get some new binoculars as I'm getting back into enjoying nature & smelling the roses. Recommendations on best magnification for a set of binoculars? I'm considering either Bushnell, Athlon Optics OR Nikon. I've been reading reviews but hesitant without some guidance. Any help would be appreciated! - Sarah
Hi, Sarah and Welcome:

My birding bino is a Nikon 8x32 SE. That choice has nothing to do with what YOUR choice should be. However, at the time, I ran an optics shop which sold Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Kowa, Fujinon, and over a dozen more brands. My choice was based on recognizable quality and VALUE, of which cost affects the situation only in a marginal way.

Good luck.

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