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SHR (Super High Reflection) prism coating is what? This seems to be much the same as some of the claims for ED glass. Perhaps a search for SDSR, Super Duper High Reflection. I have seen SHR in a bin description that also included 'metalic', naturally leaving out the type of metal. The Weaver Classic bin, approximately 1/4 price, of the same era was Al. Certainly not enhanced Al after viewing the allbinos review of the classic.

The 8.5X42/44/45 format was popular for a few years from around 2009. I found a list:

Weaver Grand Slam 8.5x45, 700g, 104m
Bushnell Infinity 8.5x45, 708g, 104m
Delta Optical Titanium 8.5x45, 850g, 105m
Nikon Monarch X 8.5x45, 720g, 110m
Swift Audubon HHS 8.5x44, 665g, 112m
Vanguard Endeavor ED 8.5x45, 770g, 114m
Leupold Northfork 8.5x45, 765g, 115m
Bresser Montana ED 8.5x45, 885g, 115m
Eschenbach Farlux Selector D 8.5x45, 880g, 117m
Weaver Super Slam ED 8.5x45, 885g, 122m
Vixen Artes ED 8.5x45, 907g, 122m
Kowa Genesis Prominar XD 8.5x44, 940g, 122m
Bynolyt Albatross II ED 8.5x45, 940g, 123m
Hawke Panorama ED 8.5x42, 890g, 129m
RSPB WPG 8.5x42, 731g, 133m
Swarovski EL SV 8.5x42, 835g, 133m

Others also have employed the 180*/flipped/front side of bridge focus wheel.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom

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