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You are most welcome.
Now here is an idea. Over here you can buy seed feeders for birds that attach to the outside of your windows with suckers (its the feeders that attach with suckers, not the birds). Would this work for you if they are available in the States? The birds get used to coming close to your window but it takes longer than a feeder in a garden. One bonus is that when the birds are so close you can easily see differences in plumage so you can eventually hope to recognise individuals. Even if you can't do this there are other things you can do. For example when we first put up one of these window-feeders we could always see maybe 4 Coal Tits coming from the hawthorn hedge to the feeder. However when I noticed the clear differences in their facial patterns I began making rough sketches of these and before many days had passed we knew there was more than 12 individuals visiting the feeder and yet we only ever saw a maximum of 4 at any one time.
Good luck and once again thanks for your kind words.


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