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Hi Barry,
Meteors are seen fairly easily from inside near a window, and the occasional fireball.

You are probably too far south, but I have also seen aurorae and noctilucent clouds from inside and photographed them.

During the day with the curtains almost closed I get a constant display in colour of passing cars, some identifiable like Minis.
This is because a small gap in the curtain turns the whole room into a camera obscura.
Surprisingly, because of the orientation the cars are seen the right was up.
But upside down would also be O.K.

The helicopters here are usually police seeking criminals but also air ambulance and general.

Then there are balloons that are seen often. Why I don't know, perhaps kids lose them. Sometimes many at a time.

Buzzards are fairly frequent at about 1,600ft high and I have probably seen them at night with the Canon 18x50
Crows, magpies, pigeons are abundant plus robins and smaller birds. Sparrows once common have almost vanished. Some blackbirds. Parakeets sometimes and ducks, although I don't know what types. All from indoors. Owls also in the old large oak in the back garden.
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