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Besides the above, there are rainbows and double bows to be seen from indoors as well as halos and other atmospheric phenomena
Moon coronas also and moon halos.

If I have a glass of water on the table and the light bounces off the surface of the water onto the wall, I can see this solid building shake when a truck goes by. A primitive seismometer.

When the Sun shines through another glass tumbler there are gorgeous prismatic colours on the kitchen work top which I often photograph. Mainly caustic curves.

If the Sun is getting low through another window with drawn curtains, with a small gap, numerous images of the Sun appear on the wall opposite, one above the other, and slowly move across the wall. Basically, pinhole images of the Sun. Usually 12 plus images.

Then there are strange mulitple lines on the ceiling from another window that I also photograph. Not sure what these are.
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