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Dennis - that picture is great...itís exactly as I imagined your Ďinfamousí goats on slopes story. Tricky viewing no doubt.

Iím having a particularly tricky time viewing in thick subtropical rainforest...forest so thick and closed in that itís almost claustrophobic. The canopy is very high, but there are various sub canopies. Thereís a particular tiny darting bird Iím trying to ID which is barely an inch in overall length. One of these birds was flitting about in the thick foliage about four feet in front of my face and I could barely observe it with the naked eye so Iím wondering if the whole endeavour isnít futile.

When viewing or searching for a target in this forest there is a general sense of mass information overload which seems to somehow kill a binocularís FOV and general usefulness. If the known target is stationary/static then the viewing in low light with decent bins can be great. I was viewing some colourful fungi and the image was superb, but this was pre spotted with the naked eye.
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