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Originally Posted by dwatsonbirder View Post
Apologies for the slight diversion, but does anyone have a suggestion to reduce fogging of glasses and/or binocular oculars when looking at an acute angle in rainforest?
I suspect the issue relates to the size of the surface area of the glasses and the combination of sweat and high humidity - would a smaller "reading glasses" type pair be more appropriate (even with the limitations of a reduced fov being in focus? Is there an anti-fogging spray which can be applied to prescription glasses?
The anti fogging compound Rain-X would be helpful.

The stuff is a high weight alcohol which dissolves the moisture from breathing or condensation into the coating. Does not last forever, so needs to be refreshed periodically. Works on windshields in Canada and on shower doors in NYC. Should be harmless for any of the optics coatings afaik.
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