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Originally Posted by dwatsonbirder View Post
Alexis hit the nail on the head, this for me is the single most challenging situation to find oneself in, particularly if it is a target bird you are finally seeing after months of planning, a long haul flight, a knackering walk, and then locating something on call in steamy dense forest!

Apologies for the slight diversion, but does anyone have a suggestion to reduce fogging of glasses and/or binocular oculars when looking at an acute angle in rainforest?
I suspect the issue relates to the size of the surface area of the glasses and the combination of sweat and high humidity - would a smaller "reading glasses" type pair be more appropriate (even with the limitations of a reduced fov being in focus? Is there an anti-fogging spray which can be applied to prescription glasses?
I used to use stuff like RainX with moderate success but it's another thing to carry and has to be re-applied and at times I felt like eventually optics ended up dirtier as a result. Honestly, the best results for me when fighting glasses and bins fogging have been a combination of learning to breathe out in a directed breath away, and taking off my hat when possible. You can avoid it most of the time except for the most strenuous hill climbs where you're really warm and then suddenly have a canopy flock. That'll always be a battle :)
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