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Originally Posted by black crow View Post
I have a friend who has no money issues at all ever. She loves to go birding now in later life. I have helped her find several good binoculars but have come to the realization that she can do better than what I'm finding because I have cost restraints and I look for something I can afford.

We've been talking about 10x for her for a couple of months now. I want her to have the best and it shouldn't be much trouble to convince her to pay close to top end because frankly why not, she should have the best as she can easily afford it and her birding brings her, her greatest joy.

She wears eyeglasses so that is a top consideration. She is slight of build and older so weight and size might be a small factor. She's actually in pretty good shape so I think the optical view is paramount along with a nice wide FOV.

Anyway what's the best of the best at about 3 grand give or take? I'm guessing a Swarovski and I'm sure she'd love some well known alpha name just to fit in well and give her some cred on her birding trips with strangers. She's a little bit shy and these things count. She'd rather fit in than stand out.

The perk for me is I'll get to look through whatever she gets. She lives only a couple of blocks from me on the creek. Plus I get to do much of the research based on your recommendations and links and dream.
With enough money you can buy an ultra-expensive binocular. However, she may be more interested in VALUE; ladies usually are. You can buy 95-97% of a $3,000 bino for well under $1,000. Does the ability to spend money reveal status or ... naiveté? You can't put a price tag on observational pleasure. Besides, the birds don't care.

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