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Originally Posted by black crow View Post
Anyway what's the best of the best at about 3 grand give or take?
There is no "best". Everyone's eyes see things differently. Everyone evaluates things differently. What you will get here is a list of people's favorites. The good news is -- there aren't any bad choices in your stated price range.

Since she is of a slight build, I would recommend a 10x32, which IMO are a joy to use because of their excellent handling. Of course these would not be a good choice if she will be using them when the sun is below the horizon, or on really deeply-cloudy days. I can tell you that the Leica UV HD is out, as it has a really short ER. Personally, I would highly recommend the Swarovski EL SV, as it has enough ER for most glasses-wearers. And of course the view cannot be beat by any other 10x32, IMO of course. Even though I have a Canon 10x42 L and a Swaro 10x50 EL, I use my 10x32 EL SV more than any of them.

If she needs a 42mm, then definitely try the Nikon MHG. It weighs just a few ounces more than a good 32mm glass. However, it's ER is too short for me to use with sunglasses, although my eyeglass-wearing wife can use them. You can get these for around $900. Of course there is always the 10x42 EL SV/FP, Zeiss SF, and the Leica Noctivid too, but these will weigh more. I think they have more ER than the MHG, but I am not sure.
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