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Originally Posted by black crow View Post

We've been talking about 10x for her for a couple of months now. I want her to have the best and it shouldn't be much trouble to convince her to pay close to top end because frankly why not, she should have the best as she can easily afford it and her birding brings her, her greatest joy.

She wears eyeglasses so that is a top consideration. She is slight of build and older so weight and size might be a small factor. She's actually in pretty good shape so I think the optical view is paramount along with a nice wide FOV.
It sounds like a Zeiss SF 10x42 would fit perfectly. Good eye relief (18mm), very wide FOV for a 10x bin, acceptable weight (800 grams) and the best ergonomics you could find which will be crucial for a stable view. View feels almost* like using an 8x IMO.

Another alternative would be the 10x42 Ultravid HD Plus. It's both smaller (shorter) and lighter (750g), good ergonomics and might fit smaller hands better. Eye relief might be an issue but could work (effective eye relief with glasses is probably as good as competiton even if specs are a bit lower at 16mm).

A 10x32 I would not recommend due to the smallish exit pupil which tend to give more eye strain and an unstable view. Though the 10x32 Swarovski SV is probably the best alternative in that format considering eye relief and viewing comfort. Effective eye relief with glasses is a bit shorter than stated in specs though.

The 10x42 Leica Noctivid have been mentioned, it is a very good binocular with excellent eye relief (19mm) and glare resistance, the view is lovely, but some might be disturbed by peripheral CA that are a bit higher than in Zeiss and Swaro. Downsides are weight (895 gram) and somewhat quirky ergonomics.

As always, binoculars are very much about personal preferences. You really need to try them to see if you like them.

*A 10x might be a bit too much magnification for some people. An unstable view will never be comfortable or help much in identification of birds.

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