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My wife is quite petite. She's also in great shape (runs a half marathon 1-2x a year). And as it turns out, over many years use, she has little interest in a 28-29oz full-size 42mm. Her favorite? 8x32 SV. We both prefer that to the 8x32 FL. She has little interest in my 8.5 SV and I doubt she'd be interested in a longish SF either. Individual choice, as always.

I haven't seen the 10x32 SV, but it's probably worth a look. The SV voodoo is real as far as a forgiving eye placement. We both like it, however it works. And she cares diddly about optics, as long as she likes it.

By most accounts the lightweight 10x42 Nikon MHG might also be worth a look. It's compact and only a few ounces heavier than a mid-size. And you can't argue with exit pupil: the bigger the better.

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