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Originally Posted by black crow View Post
..... What do you think of this guy? (for me maybe)
BC, I was thinking of this on your other thread about the 10x32's. You said you've got your Big Eyes which must be lots of fun off the deck etc, but I think you could sell up a lot of your other bins and replace them with just one. Either:-
* Swarovski 10x32 SV
* Nikon Monarch HG 10x42

Both have ~360ft Fov sharp or near sharp to the edge, and are light and small enough to be immediately useful at the top of a long climb when hiking. The 32 feels a bit smaller in the hand, so it would be a personal choice on which suited you better, but I find both have delightful ergonomics for small compact bins.

The MHG is just a little behind optically (maybe ~1% or so - it's not much), though only costs half or less of the SV.

I hope you can get to try both of these

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