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Originally Posted by black crow View Post
She has a mental block about image stabilized binos as do I actually. I don't think she'd even consider them because she'd stand out with a pair of them. In the past when I've mentioned them I've gotten no real interest. I'll bet they are the way to go though. Someday they'll streamline them to look like a regular pair of binoculars and they will take over the industry.
I was going to mention the Canon 12x36 IS III, but decided not to complicate matters by doing so. The IS works quite well and actually shows a good bit of detail. Despite its small size and lightish weight (same as the Nikon Monarch 10x42 HG), they don't have anywhere near the AFov, or enough ER really, and may show more CA under challenging conditions. I also found them really difficult to hold in a steady grip, not being able to ever get rid of the shakes. For that reason I'd rule them out.

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