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Ah great - a Yorkshire thread! Lived in Queensbury (up the hill from Bradford) for 12 years until a couple of years ago and did a lot of birding around there. Some fantastic habitat and great diversity of birds. Look forward to hearing about what's about in some of my old haunts. Hope someone's checking out the wader breeding up in the Dales!

Edit: Hang on a mo! are you intending to cover all four Ridings in one thread? Jeez - that's going to get big and busy. Must be hundreds of BF'ers up there with postings to make. Everything from coastlines (cliffs, estuaries and beaches), loads of reservoirs, moorland, rivers, woods and mountains! Blimey, I though 'Backwater Birding' was busy (and gripping) and that's just Seaton! Can't wait!
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