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Whats wrong with fairburn? Not been there myslef, always thought about a trip.

whats good about it!, everything is miles away,the roadside flashes have no parking or places to view from,no footpath from the car park,and cars drive too fast along the road.
rant over! its not that bad seen and found some good birds over the years at fairburn, great place as a kid going by train and bike,i think getting a car made me want to explore yorkshire more and find my favourite places, like north cave(great place,friendly birders a good views)paull holme strays is also a favourite,the new site near welwick should be good soon.
where else i think birding most of the time on the pennines has given me an aversion to hides and proper reserves,take paull holme 70+ avocets on sunday no hides birds less than 100yds away.brilliant
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