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Diascope at high power.

[quote=greg g] I would like to get a stronger eyepiece mainly for the reasons, one to see the eye of a distant bird of prey and secondly for those few times I might use it for astronomy. QUOTE]

I've been using a Meade 5000 4.7mm eyepiece ($200) on a Diascope 85 yielding 107x and it provides very nice, 82 degree apparent field, views. The optics of the Diascope stand up very well at this power. Of course the view starts getting dimmer, especially in anything other than bright sunlight. I've used this combo for some casual astro observing and find that it works beautfully on the Moon, planets, star clusters, double stars, the Sun (with appropriate objective end solar filter), etc.. Although I've looked at the moon through all kinds of scopes including 12"+ scopes, the first view of it with this combination nearly knocked my sox off. It's a huge, very bright, and amazingly detailed 50 degree orb in this eyepiece. Eye relief is such that I can see the entire fov while wearing glasses.

Planetary eyepieces are great and relatively inexpensive but are optimised for minimum light scattering to provide the best contrast for viewing plannets. This is usally achieved by using the fewest air/glass interfaces at the expense of afovs and eye relief. Depending on the specific eyepiece, and your use and preferences, they may or may not be the best choice.
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