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Originally Posted by Jane Turner View Post
Howard, Booted is a small neat tidy bird, confusable with a Phylloscopus!

This is a big stonking Hippo!
Yes - that´s the impression you get from these pic. Furthermore the obvious pale edginge to the secondaries ('wingpanel') is an elaeica (EOW), languida (Upcher´s) olivetorum (Olive-tree) and icterina Icterine) character. The bill gives the impression of being non caligata (Booted) or rama (Sykes´s) slender - and notice that the upper mandible is obviously down-curved near the tip, which you don´t see in that fashion in Booted or Sykes´s. Regarding the lower mandible pattern - all pale versus with a dark 'spot' at - or near the tip - usually all pale in elaeica and languida but with a 'spot' in caligata and rama - but not always in these two. One other character visible in the hand or in good images is how the emarginations of the primaries falls on the closed wing - at level or slightly behind the longest tip of the tertial (or secondarie tips) in elaeica and languida - well inside for caligata and rama which can be seen in Howards linked birds. But can we see that in AJ,s bird? I have myself some promblems seeing this for certain. However the above mentioned characters speaks negative for Booted or Sykes´s. The legs on the subject bird looks pale reddish-brown with darker grey feet - that would corresponde well with Booted - hence the name.


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