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Originally Posted by Howard King View Post
I would therefore go with Reed (Eastern / fuscus presumably) but for me the light does make it impossible to say for certain. Rump colour (if noted) would be another clue (should be warm brown in Reed at this time of year but more or less concolorous with mantle in Marsh).

Blyth's Reed is another possibility but it appears to lack the 'flattened head' of that species, and also the dark tip to the lower mandible.
This case is very clear that bird is indeed Hippo-species without any doupt.
Reed and Blyth's Reed has not pale wing panel or so dark eyes as this bird and Blyth's Reed has not any pale tips or edges in the wing feathers (the feature, which it separate from every Hippos and related Acros; thus being very uniform upperparts with at most olive tinge in the outer edges of wing feathers and coverts). In addition to Blyth's Reed has not that kind of whitish outer web on t6 (which is very typical for Hippo), neither so clear white tips on the tail feathers (typical also for fuscus and also even nominate Reed, but not usually so distinct).
Some Blyth's Reed has all pale lower mandible without any clear mark of dark spot near the tip, but that kind of individuals are rather rare.
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