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Originally Posted by Docmartin View Post
I don't know if anyone still cares... but I had a compelling audio contact with IBWO in Newtonhill, NE Scotland this morning. 2 'kent' calls in quick succession, on putfile here. Am applying for a $$$ grant from USFWS to preserve the area (a bottomland bracken valley bordered by housing). A sonagram is presented on my blog (see sig) compared with Florida 'kents' and those pesky baby deers.
White-tailed Deer matches very well - perhaps a case of convergent evolution? Not sure about the NE Scotland kent though as the frequencies seem a little wrong in places. Could be a different sub-species though. Given the rapid evolution of wariness, I think it's quite reasonable to assume that IBWOs would evolve a slightly different call in NE Scotland, given geographical and concomitant genetic isolation and likely differences in their environment.

With promising audio evidence from Scotland and compelling sightings in Norfolk, is there not a strong argument for relocating the search effort to the UK?

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