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The SLC 56 will obviously be significantly brighter than any 42, if that's part of "wow" for you (it was for me). But you'd absolutely have to try an IS and non-IS bino yourself to decide between them. I have no experience with IS in a bino and haven't been curious, it just sounds like such a different experience aesthetically. (I bought my first serious digital camera with AF, IS etc a couple of years ago, and can't really say it's won me over yet.)

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For purposes of comparison, the approximate outside edge diameter of the Canon eyecup is 45mm. This compares to approximately 41mm for a Swarovski 10X50 EL SV. Sorry, but I do not have any 56mm SLCs to compare but maybe someone else can supply a measurement.
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My comments about stereopsis were limited to just the two binoculars the OP is considering. The objective spacing of my 8x56 FL is 69mm at the minimum IPD of 56mm and 91mm at the maximum IPD of 76mm. I am assuming the 10x56 SLC is about the same, so it should have equal or greater stereopsis compared to the Canon at any IPD.
SLC 10x56: eyecup outer diameter 40mm, about the same as the EL 50. Objective spacing at my IPD (about 67) is 12mm more than ocular spacing, a bit less than the FL 56.

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