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Originally Posted by KorHaan View Post
Ooooh Ilkka,

Missed that thread completely! Thanks for the link!

The cable tie sighting has a history, I see... I sure wished I had been a BF member by the time this came out; I struggled a lot with my angled Leica Televid for years, and reading this stuff brought it all back to me.
I had honestly no idea it was already popular 3 years ago. Still, I'm proud to have been able to make a contribution with my drawings to the Forum.
It's just so much fun to do.

I'll keep a sharp eye on my fellow birders who are not aware yet of this splendid little plastic instrument. And when they're not looking I'll sneak behind their backs and tie, adjust, calibrate and clip a sighting device on their scopes! That'll teach them!

greetings, Ronald
yehahaha after all this years missing many chances of seeing fast moving and inflight birds, now im back on the track and carrying scope while birding in the rainforest would be much easier for me now hehehe thanks again for the advices on the cable tie kimmo and ronald
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